Precision Heating Treatment is the best choice for heat treating solutions. We will offer the best course of action to obtain the metal properties you need to sustain the life and safety of your products.


We offer heat treatment to eliminate stresses by heating your product to a temperature where we can get rid of unwanted dimension changes followed with a cooling process which prevents the formation of new residual stresses


Normalizing helps keep metal pliable and tough after a metal has usually been affected in ductility due to thermal or mechanical hardening processes. This also prevents unwanted stresses in metals and prevents unwanted failure in the product. Unlike annealing, we cool the metal by exposing it to room temperature air.


Carburization is a process which involves taking a low carbon steel and transforming it into a high carbon steel. This is done by exposing it to an atmosphere which is dense in carbon. By heating a steel item in a carbon-dense atmosphere, said item will allow carbon atoms to attach to its surface on a molecular level. After these carbon atoms have attached to its surface, it will gain both hardness and strength. Carburizing is beneficial because of its ability to give a hard exterior and a soft interior, making it easy to manipulate shapes of the metal and keep the outside from wearing down prematurely.


Precision Heat Treating

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